RO: MORROCANOIL In sfar­­sit am gasit primele produ­­sele despre care pot spune ca intra­­de­­var fac minuni. Aceste produse fac parte din gama Morro­­ca­­noil, bran­­dul despre care am auzit mii de pareri ca fiind mira­­cu­­loase, de altfel cred ca si voi. Recent mi-am comple­­tat gama cu Sampo­­nul Repair si uleiul tratament, primul meu produs achi­­zi­­tio­­nat fiind masca intens hidra­­tanta. Am fost … Conti­nue Reading

About MURAD MURAD is consi­­de­­red the most Authen­­tic Skin­­care Brand from America, deve­­lo­­ped by a derma­­to­­lo­­gist and it is a BESTSELLER  in USA. All  MURAD products were crea­­ted after scien­­ti­­fic researches and disco­­ve­­ries of the foun­­der, world renow­­ned derma­­to­­lo­­gist  Dr. Howard Murad. Throu­­ghout 30 years of research and medi­­cal prac­­tice in which he trea­­ted 50,000 patients, … Conti­nue Reading

RO: Uleiul de Canepa Canah Dupa cum bine stiti in urma cu 3 luni mi-am schim­­bat culoa­­rea paru­­lui din roscat in blond. Da stiu a fost o dorinta de a mea de a trece la aceasta culoare. Am stiut de la ince­­put ca acest lucru implica o mai mare aten­­tie asupra paru­­lui meu. De ce … Conti­nue Reading

Natu­­ral Skin Care If no one knows, I am obses­­sed with natu­­ral skin care. And from time to time I love trying new things to help my skin stay heal­­thy all the time. So for me was a surprise to find out that what I have in my kitchen can visi­­bly help my skin. I believe … Conti­nue Reading

Il Santiago Degli Dei- The Path of the Gods Para­­dise Day 4 was only about explo­­ring Posi­­tano, because the weather was rainy we deci­­ded to post­­pone the trip to the Path of the Gods for next day. Day 5 was finally here, and the sky was blue so that means that we finally can go to hike … Conti­nue Reading

Bobbi Brown. EN: I’ve heard and read so many reviews about this amazing brand and I was so curious to try these products. Finally, Bobbi Brown store was opened in Roma­­nia in Baneasa Shop­­ping City Mall. I did some research on their website and I found out that they are doing Makeup Lessons for free, in order … Conti­nue Reading

Sephora Makeup -Smokey Eyes Today was all about me. I wanted to relax with a visit to Sephora store. I remem­­be­­red that on my last visit to Sephora the girls from there told me that I have the possi­­bi­­lity to get a 15 minutes free make-up at their make-up bar based on appoint­­ment You have … Conti­nue Reading

Being always in a hurry, having my work office at 1 h 30′ distance from where I stay, I always have to get up at 5 o’ clock in the morning to have enough time to prepare myself. I never leave home without doing my make-up and hair, I believe that image is our busi­­ness … Conti­nue Reading

After an amazing day spent in Ravello and Amalfi we woke up and reali­­zed that outside was raining. We were a little bit disap­­poin­­ted because we plan­­ned for the 3rd day to go and explore the Paths of Gods, but we had to change our plans because the weather wasn’t so good. We ate our break­­fast and … Conti­nue Reading

Ravello Take me somew­­here I can breath. It’s the 4th day since we arri­­ved in Posi­­tano for our vaca­­tion and every­­thing so far was amazing, all the places that we have visi­­ted excee­­ded our expec­­ta­­tions. A new day a new adven­­ture, we deci­­ded to go and see the beau­­ti­­ful Ravello. I was very exci­­ted because I had … Conti­nue Reading